Digital publications

It has never been easier to build an electronic publication for tablets, PC's or mobile phones.
If you choose our AMOS publishing system, you’ll get an effective solution to create attractive, interactive and user-friendly applications which also provides your customers with interesting functionalities.

One title, all platforms

Electronic multimedia publications are a brand new way how to disseminate text and visual information – in an absorbing, dynamic and, above all, true interactive way. Ample multimedia content brings to readers a new dimension of book reading that literally comes alive under the touch of their finger tips. Passive turning of printed pages is replaced with active multi-sensory reception of content. Users can view the publication on a large desktop monitor or on a tablet or mobile phone while sitting in a comfortable chair.

The greatest potential of electronic multimedia publications lies in education and science, where clarity of presented information is very important. Education and entertainment is often intertwined into our multimedia publications. On the other hand, interactive multimedia publications can be used to present all types of informational documents. They can become a modern platform for corporate communications or be used to make interesting business proposals without limiting the scope, structure and integration of multimedia objects.



An electronic product catalogue for a furniture manufacturer.

Czech castles and chateaux

A tourist guide of approximately one hundred Czech castles.

8 Stories of Genesis

Illustrated and animated stories inspired by the Old Testament.

Renewable Energy Sources

An interactive book for those interested in various energy fields.

Nuclear Energy

A popular multimedia publication on nuclear energy in English.

Nuclear Energetics

1st part of Miniencyclopaedia ČEZ series. (Czech language only)

Einstein: A brilliant physicist

2nd part of Miniencyclopaedia CEZ series. (Czech language only)

The high energies

3rd part of Miniencyclopaedia CEZ series. (Czech language only)

Lasers around us

4th part of Miniencyclopaedia CEZ series. (Czech language only)

An electronic handy man

5th part of Miniencyclopaedia CEZ series. (Czech language only)


6th part of Miniencyclopaedia ČEZ series. (Czech language only)

Solar energy

7th part of Miniencyclopaedia CEZ series. (Czech language only)


8th part of Miniencyclopaedia CEZ series. (Czech language only)

Advanced functions

All digital publications can contain fullscreen galleries, videos, interactive schemes as well as knowledge quizes or games.

Our e-publications can be used as a brilliant part of a corporate communication strategy.

Project implementation

There is several ways to build an e-publication. It can be adapted from an existing printed version or PDF files or it can be built from scratch. The output products are applications. They can be distributed via online stores with mobile content, or downloaded as an installation package for both Windows and Mac. It is also possible to publish and read these e-books directly on the web.

It is also possible to make password protected publications dedicated only to specific user groups. We guarantee application management and further development according to our client’s requirements. It is also quite easy to make the future updates of the content. After uploading the new version of the application, it is automatically downloaded to the devices, which it has already been installed on.

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