Internet projects

Our expertise comes from 24 years of experience working with leading czech companies, as well as small to medium sized companies, who have found their opportunities in the digital world of today.

Web pages

For our clients we implement projects on a turnkey basis as well as projects according to predefined concepts. We always try to effectively hit the target group and build up user’s positive perceptions.

While working on a website, we are focused on easy user browsing and search engine optimisation. We always implement web user tracking functions, a newsletter sending possibility and social network connections.


Plzeňský Prazdroj

The corporate website of the biggest Czech beer brewer.

Horská služba České republiky

The web portal for the Czech Mountain Rescue Service.

The web portal for a recycling company.

ŠKODA Yeti microsite

The microsite promoting the new ŠKODA Yeti (2009)

Ypsilon Golf Resort Liberec

The website for the Ypsilon Golf Resort.

World Drinking Map

The statistical data output from the BAC Alcohol Calculator app.

Fly fishing point

An e-shop and web portal for fishermen.

NonameSport web

A web solution of a sports portal.

Patentní medicína

A Chinese medicine e-shop.

The JAVYS company plays a big part in the energy security of Slovakia.

Swing band Tábor

The big band's web presentation.

Prague City Golf

A golf course and club in Prague.

Rodinné Domy Rudná

A Czech building developer company.

Elán v Carnegie Hall

The microsite promoting Elan's legendary concert.

A web portal of nature and forestry.


All our e-shops are optimised for comfortable and intuitive purchasing. They include parametric search functions, comparison and monitoring of the products, various payment and delivery methods and other options.

For the operators, we implement the connection with internet shopping services, like, and, purchase statistics, easy editing of the products and structure, rights and permissions management and accounting programs connection.


A furniture e-shop.

Fly fishing point

An e-shop for fly fishermen.

Patentní medicína

An e-shop for Chinese medicine products.

Street mall

Designer clothes from the USA, England and Italy.

Games and applications

Games, competitions and various applications are top perceived online content. This is the best way for some company statements.

For our clients we have designed and programmed successful conceptions, forms of processing and distribution.

Playful SKODA

16 free online games (part of the portal).

Tool jigsaw

An educational game for children (part of the


An educational game for children (part of the

Desert racing

A racing game for children (part of the

Space labyrinth

A game for children (part of the


A game for children (part of the

Traffic signs

An educational game for children (part of the


A game for children (part of the

Parking champion

An educational game for children (part of the

The forester's apprentice

An online quiz for children.

The bank

This game is a part of web portal.


This game is a part of web portal.

The cloud trip

This game is a part of web portal.

Technologies and implementation stages

Almost all our web projects are implemented in MAppEngine CMS system, which we’ve developed and which we are still improving after more than 15 years (more about MAppEngine). This modular CMS meets all requirements of a modern and powerful content management system. It’s comprehensive and easy to use. The multimedia is designed and developed mainly in Unity 3D, which allows to publish in HTML5 and Adobe Flash / Air

We complete the projects in these logical stages:

  • Stage 1 – project architecture and design proposals
  • Stage 2 – content processing
  • Stage 3 – beta version
  • Stage 4 – inquiry and testing
  • Stage 5 – launch of the final product

After the product is launched, we provide a further services according to client requests or targeted PPC advertising. More about technologies.

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