Agility City

What's it like to be a Jack Russell terrier? Now, you have a unique chance to find out!

An addictive arcade

Jacks are extremely agile, are you? The agility course that you will take is a challenging one as the difficulty gradually increases. First of all jump over and than crawl under and avoid the obstacles as you run faster and faster. Although the course never ends there are many achievements you can attain and publish, along with your score, on Facebook.

This app is available on the Apple AppStore and on Google play.

Game features

At first sight, there’s no big deal, right? You’re just supposed to tap the screen and controll the height & timing of your dog’s jump. But after a while, you’ll discover the charm and sophistication of the tracks and the game quickly picks up momentum!

Accomplish achievements

The game contains dozens of achievements, which can be achieved. Everything is connected with the GameCenter and you can post your achievements on your Facebook timeline.

Pick-up bonusses and unlock more

The whole track is littered with stars. Do not avoid them! Every single one of them is important for you to get new lives, teleports, new dogs or tracks and more!

Shop in the pet-shop store

Agility City includes a pet-shop, where you can spend the bonus stars you’ve collected in the game. Also, you can also buy bonus points with real money to make it easier.

Different tracks, different dogs

It’s possible to enrich the default game environment. All you need to do is to pick up the bonus stars, which will unlock further possibilities. There’s another way to reach the advanced game content more quickly. Simply make in-app purchase.

User feedback

There is more than 500.000 downloads of Agility City. You can check the reviews on the AppStore or on its Facebook fan-page to see how all the players enjoy this game and become a member of the Agility City family.

Technical support

In case you have any technical difficulties using this app, if you’d like to ask anything or just tell us about your ideas of improvement, feel free to contact us.

Agility City FanPage

If you are interested, check the app’s Facebook FanPage and become one of the fans.