BAC Alcohol calculator

The BAC alcohol calculator is an interactive mobile app for plotting the blood alcohol level on a time scale and determining when it is going to be zero.

Residual blood alcohol

Residual blood alcohol is often underestimated and can cause a lot of trouble. Why take the risk if it is so easy to avoid it. The BAC alcohol calculator will help you determine what your current blood alcohol level is and when you are able to drive again.

The app is available on the Apple AppStore and on Google play.

App features

Besides the current BAC level, the app is able to find out the closest taxi service and get its phone number for you to call. You can share your drinking sessions on a map or on your Facebook timeline. We work on personal statistics and drinking history and a lot more.

Both Imperial & Metric units.

Residual BAC level calculation

The app calculates BAC level according to Widmark’s formula, which is so accurate it is used in court for forensic evidence.

Search for the closest taxi service

Have you ever been to a party and wondered "have I drunk too much to drinve?" Well, this app will search the internet for a suitable taxi, including phone numbers.

World map of alcohol consumption

Every single timeline you can send to a server, which will place it to a map. This function is used by users all over the world.

More than 40 predefined drinks

There’s no need to care about the glass size or alcohol volume. We have predefined more than 40 beers, wines, destilates or cocktails.

Drink size & alcohol volume customization

Do you miss your favourite drink in our “bar line”? Don’t worry, you can customize of the fourty to fit your needs.

The world drinking map

The application has been downloaded by more than 150.000 users. Most of them sends their alcohol consuption data to the map, where an interesting visual statistics is rising about the world alcohol consumption.

Technical support

In case you have any technical difficulties using this app, if you’d like to ask something or just inform us about any ideas of improvement, feel free to contact us.

BAC FanPage

If you are interested, check the app’s Facebook FanPage and become one of the fans.