Blackbeard's Chest

Go on an adventure in search for the lost treasure of the infamous captain Blackbeard. Immerse yourself into a world of rugged heroes and play this exceptionally crafted memory game, which your kids won’t tire of.

Memory game as a story

Blackbeard’s chest Memory Game features five different environments – the pirate ship, a coral reef, a deserted beach, a jungle and the treasure rock. The environments vary in complexity and each one has its own unique set of animated cards. The environments are unlocked as you progress through the game.

The app is available in the Apple AppStore.

Game features

Throughout the game a storyline unfolds that is shown in animated videos. The intuitive graphical control interface is easy for kids to handle. The whole app is designed for pre-school children who cannot read yet.

Designed for children

The whole game is designed to be easily used by children, who cannot read yet. However, the graphics and controls are adjusted for older children too.

Singleplayer / Multiplayer

In singleplayer mode the player gradually reveals the story about searching for treasure on a desert island.

Multimedial story line

The game is supported by video animations and original music soundtracks, which will immerse you into the story.

Playful edutainment

The game is a fun tool for developing perception and thinking skills. Play it with your kids and make this game fun for all your family.

User feedback

Blackbeard's Chest has gained many fans all over the world. We especially enjoy the fact that, according to their own words, users regularly return to play. This is what many casual games cannot boast. See user feedbacks on the website

Technical support

In case you have any technical difficulties using this app, if you’d like to ask something or just inform us about any ideas of improvement, feel free to contact us.