Publishing services

Devices, which people use to read books, magazines and news are more sophisticated and affordable then ever before. We believe that children will carry tablets to school instead of textbooks very soon.

We publish our own titles, but we offer publishing as a service to our clients as well.

AMOS Interactive publications

These days, not only text but videos, interactive or on-line content can be part of electronic books. Common formats unfortunately don’t enable to publish such type of content. And in case they do, their distribution is limited to a single platform or a single reader (hardware or software). The possibility to publish only one publication to all platforms at once, it is a dream of every publisher. We do have such system and we are offering our services to you without any further license fees.

Digital media content

The source files may be delivered by contractor or we can assemble, produce or buy them ourselves.

DTP and programming is done once only.


Data processing, graphics, coding and DTP - this is made just once and is saved in AMOS source file.


The content for mobile devices is distributed mainly via AppStore, Google Play or Windows Store. The computer programs may be downloaded from the internet (exe, dmg). Books can be read directly in an internet browser too.

Why to choose our AMOS publication system?

It’s universal, it’s effective and it’s license free. That’s enough to decide. But Amos has also other advantages.

One format for all platforms

All graphics, DTP and occasional programming just needs to be done once. Then, we can easily distribute the content from the source file through Amos to all platforms.

Programmable interactivity

There exist basic modules in Amos, like photo gallery, interactive scheme etc. Or, we can program almost anything in addition to the basic modules, if needed.

Distribution in the largest online stores

Our e-books are offered in all three main online stores: AppStore (iOS), Google Play (Android) and in Windows Store as well. The distribution can be done via different channels. Mostly by downloading from the web. It is possible to author a DVD media or make a special flash disk.

No further license fees

Unlike other publishing systems, the Amos publishing and distribution of the title is free. The contractor pays only the technical part of the production, or possibly promotion etc.

Complete processing & service

As a publisher, we help our clients through all the processes from consultation to production and marketing. Our team is ready to cover all the areas of data processing.

Consulting and project planning

First of all, we consult with the client about the general goals, required target groups, form of distribution and so on. Then we suggest a project time sheet based on all the documents supplied.

Text editing and editorial work

We cooperate with the author or client from the very beginning, when the text part arises. We can provide the proof reading or language translation or localizations.

Graphics, data processing

Our team provides the graphic design and preparing and processing of all the data needed (2D, 3D graphic designer, video editor, sound designer, coder, programmers…)

Launching the product

After completion of the work-rate book follows the testing phase and commenting. Once everything is ready, we will launch the title in the stores.

Launch and promotion

The publishing activity does not end with launching the title in the stores. The title can be successful only if it’s systematically and wisely promoted.

The world of the digital content is fragmented not only to different sizes of displays, but also to various operating systems. AMOS removes these differences.

Download statistics monitoring

All the online stores enable download statistics monitoring of each product. It helps with further planning of marketing activities and advertising campaigns.

Download statistics evaluation

The statistical data from all over the world is complex. That’s why there must follow the data analysis to find out how to deal with the price or place and a way of promotion.

Advertising strategy, creativity

The right choice of advertising and promotion strategy is the key to success. We usually link our creativity with the author or client and then work together on it.

Campaign realisation

The team of our designers and photographers create visual styles for advertising banners, covering all types of media, using the latest technologies.

Further cooperation, and evolving together

Unlike the printing media, the digital one can be updated as often as needed without any significant influence on the price. In the case of mutual satisfaction we’ll be glad if you decide to work with us on your future projects.

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