We have more than 20 years experience in consulting, creating and the development of digital communication projects.

Simopt is located in the Czech republic, which is situated in the centre of Europe, which gives us an advantage in the field of european outsourcing.

Digital publisher

For us, entertaining just isn't enough! We feel, that our mission is to combine entertainment with education. This is what our publishing team is always thinking about, because we are keen on learning new information for ourselves.

Outsourcing services

We are here to help and support any agency with a lack of development power. Our team is ready to consult and carry out all your ideas. See more about our experience in all aspects of outsourcing.

Cross-platform technologies

The software technologies that we use and develop ourselves help us to get the most out of the devices, which our products are running on - PC's, Mac's, tablets and smartphones. Please, check out both of our essential systems that we are running: Amos + MApp Engine.

Reference projects

Our expertise comes from 24 years of experience working with leading czech companies, as well as small to medium sized companies, who have found their opportunities in the digital world of today.

Just released

Miniencyklopedie CEZ for tablets

Multimedia encyclopaedia about energy contains 8 publications for tablets. All available on AppStore and Google Play for free. These books are published only in Czech language

New launch

Mountain Rescue Service of the Czech Republic

Recently we've finished and launched a comprehensive web portal of the Czech Mountain Rescue Service. (available in Czech Language only)

Recently launched

Bezpečné cesty (Safe roads)

This is one of the most extensive internet portal about road safety. Yet the portal is available only in Czech language.

Recently launched

Playful ŠKODA for Poland

Now all children in Poland can connect to the traditional and successful edutainment web portal www.playfulskoda.com. The Polish version is available here.

Recently published

Renewable Energy Sources

Captivating reading about generation of electric energy from alternative renewable energy sources. You can check out the screenshots and videoreel or you can read the book directly on the web.

Our clients