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Since we live & work in the Czech Republic which is right in the middle of Europe, we can offer our services at affordable prices for excellent quality. We are thrilled to get in touch with other agencies all over the world and give them help and support with bringing their ideas to life. How does it work?

Initial meetings

Feel free to contact us wherever you are. Since we live and work in the 21st century, distance is no longer an issue in communication.


Creative process,
UX / UI design

Design is a languange, which an app or website communicates with the user.

creative job already done?

There are many traditional angencies with their own design teams. They create whole communication strategies for their clients but they don’t have a team of programmers able to fit their ideas into all the digital platforms. Which we can!

Copywriting & tailored content

Presenting different kind of information always demands different forms. To write an easily readable content for a particular user target group requires sense for logical structuring.

User experience, user comfort

Designing an application or website is the same as designing a dress. The result must be neat yet must fit the customer perfectly. All our projects are subjects to strict usability testing.

Respecting the devices needs

In the era of retina displays and mobile devices of various sizes and proportions, the digital design converges to the printed one. The digital design can change it’s proportions dynamicaly though.

Design approval, prototyping

Once the design proposals are ready to present, we arrange another meeting for you to get a chance to comment on the ideas so that they can better fit your needs. After the design is approved, stage 1 is closed and we can start prototyping.

Coding, programming,

To write a robust, error-free, well optimized and valid code is not a matter of course.


Safety is one of the basic demands since computer networks & the internet were invented. We focus on the safety as much as possible, using the latest platforms and API’s.


To write a computer program is not as difficult as you would imagine. The real job starts with its optimization for different devices. The code must be well optimized for performance.

All platforms

We can provide multiplatform solutions for almost every possible need. We have developped our own HTML5 framework called Amos for publishing multitouch e-publications of all kinds. For the content management system on the web we’ve been developing our own MApp Engine system. For mobile apps we use Unity 3D.

Always keep technology on your mind!

There exist many different hardware devices, but there also exist dozens of programming interfaces (API’s) and technologies in the field of software. They’re not very universal and are used more in a specific way. The best API for you is the one you’ve developed yourself. That’s why we use Amos, a framework that fits our needs the best. We also use Unity 3D and more.


When the programming and betatesting is done, the project is ready to be launched. All database systems and servers are configured by our IT specialists. We can also provide hosting services.

User feedback,
service, updates

To follow the user data and statistics is just a matter of course. All our systems are connected to tracking and statistical modules.

Web user tracking

Web analytics features are part of all our online solutions. Tracking unique visitors, tracking events & properties, collecting visitor data.

Complete data analysis

See who your visitors are & how they use your site. From a button clicked to a video played, anything you want to track.

Mobile apps statistics

We can implement analytic features directly to the mobile application, so that you can stay informed when and how your customers use it.

Keeping the project fresh.

No matter if it’s web or any other app, the project must be kept alive by regular updates. Keep your clients fresh with your content.

Distribution and promotion

A project without meaningful and well thought out distribution is pointless.

Advertising campaign strategy

The creative concept of the project may be linked and evolved in an advertising campaign. We can provide all campaign strategies including creativity, copywriting and / or public opinion research.

Print & digital media advertising design

Our team of designers are keen to bring all the ideas to life and create beautiful posters, magazine ads, billboards as well as online banners coded in the latest technologies.

Further cooperation and evolving together

The cooperation doesn’t end by launching your project. We can work together on further projects or evolve the existing one.

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